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On Tuesday, September 6th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Roman, Product Owner at Sloton, and

Alexander, Crypto Guru, Marketing at Sloton.

We asked them questions about the development of Sloton.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, could you give a brief introduction of yourselves and the team behind Sloton to our community firstly ?

A~ Here are 2 members of our team:

Roman - Product Owner

Alexander - crypto guru, marketing.

Q~ Tell us briefly about Sloton and its uniqueness in a nutshell ?

A~ At the heart of the P2E project, the game is a casual slot in which the game currency is Toncoin 💎

The project starts with a release of a collection of NFT images that will appear on the slot reel.

The owner of these images will receive a small commission each time the image lands on the reel, regardless of who is playing 🕹

Q~ Why TON ?

A~ Nice question👍

For now the most popular coins for NFT are Solana and Ethereum.

But as we all see Solana is not having the best period right now.

And who knows if they can fix it in future❔

Ethereum is also kind of in the middle of something (transition from POW to POS).

Toncoin is not that popular yet.

However it’s a very stable project which has it’s reasonable pace. Also it’s backed by the Telegram team more or less.

And TON Community grows each day!

So in my opinion buying NFT in TON currently not only gives you an opportunity to get some profit from NFT prices itself, but also with the growth of the coin value which is definitely happening some time in future.

We believe TON has such a great potential & we see how its improves each update!

Thus that’s why we chose TON 🙂

Q~ Tell us about your NFT collection, to attract more community, what ideas did you highlight in the collection ?

A~ At the heart of the P2E project, the game is a casual slot in which the game currency is Toncoin.

The project starts with a release of a collection of NFT images that will appear on the slot reel.

The owner of these images will receive a small commission each time the image lands on the reel, regardless of who is playing 🎮📲

The owner of the NFT is not meant to play to receive the rewards, NFT owner can just continue holding the NFT (being its owner) to receive the income. That’s why call it Hold-2-Earn 😀💎

Q~ Tell us about the project roadmap? Tell us briefly about each stage, what are your goals, and what will you do to achieve them? What innovations will be introduced to your project in the near future ?

A~ Briefly, the steps are:

1. Sell the first collection 🎆👍

2. Expand the command so that you can simultaneously make the game and draw the following collections 👨‍💻👩‍💻

3. Release the game in beta and collect as much feedback as possible 👤💬

4. In parallel, continue to draw and release collections (there will be 15 of them, 2500 tokens each) ✍️

5. Open the game to the whole world 🎮🌍🌐

6. Buy traffic and fill the audience of the game 👍

The first and last stages should be the most difficult.

The first is because the release of the collection is a completely new experience for us, so we understand everything along the way and this takes time and effort. And we target to do best of what we can 💪😎

The latter will be difficult, because in any casual game, the most difficult thing is buying traffic and converting the audience.

This is the most resource-intensive process that does not stop during the entire life cycle of the game ⚙️⛓

Luckily, we have a professional specialists and a detailed plan on what to do 👍


Q~ The concept of your platform is interesting because instead of the usual P2E games, Sloton helps you earn passive income while others play and win as well. But how exactly does this work, Is it similar to NFT’s rent-to-play model. How is this system different from others we have seen before ?

A~ I’m not sure that the game can be considered exactly Play 2 Earn.

NFTs opens up a new opportunity in this area.

The crypto allows you to play for real money, while removing restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. We’d rather call it Hold-2-Earn :)

This concept is somewhat similar to shares dividends. Basically, everytime NFT you own appears on the slot reel you get your fee. So your income depend on the amount of people playing the game.

The idea is based on the getting income whilst enjoying your life fully! Thats why Sloton NFTs is an exclusive opportunity get extra income with the least activity & time👍

You can read more about our concept on our Medium Blog:

Xiaolin : is this kind of similar to Staking ?

Alex : Its differs as you don’t need to lock your NFT to start getting income! Just buy once and it will work for you :)


Q~ The combo between P2E Gaming and NFT that appears is increasing. What have you accomplished so far and what will happen in near future. Can you explain how Sloton combines Gaming and NFT, what advantages does Sloton game enjoy that sets it apart from other projects ?

A~ Currently we have created first collection completely and ready to mint ✅

Second collection is on it’s way. Also we are working on gaming mechanics and balance ⚙️👍

You can learn more about our collections and roadmap on our website:


Q~ One of the characteristics of Sloton, any holder can obtain income just by holding tokens. Can you tell me more about the basis on which these incomes are calculated. Can you tell me after receiving this income, what advantages and benefits will I get ?

A~ It will be a part of game economics. We will charge a small fee on each stake that player makes on each spin.

Q~ As a Slot platform, what are the challenges Sloton has faced since the availability of many other Slot platforms. What makes Sloton different and attractive from other Slot platforms ?

A~ User acqusition will be the most challenging. There are a lot of restrictions on advertising gambling games.

The unique setting and Hold-2Earn opportunity👍

Q~ How about lovers of games who know nothing about crypto or NFTs, how would you educate them or do you have any other options for them. Would you be releasing any short video or thriller of the game to show the different kinds of characters we would be fighting ?


👉 Our website is Live Now: 🔗

The SLOTON team has created an NFT collection for the Play-2-Earn game with a new Hold-2-Earn concept 🎁

🕹 SLOTON is a gambling game that is legal on the TON network and rewards NFT players and owners.

The collection includes 💎2.500 new NFTs, opening up additional opportunities for owners. The theme of the project are Mayan Treasures, which attract all adventurers! 🧗‍♂️

We’ve arrived a contest for the prize place in the White List! Details will be revealed soon on our channels😉🎉

Feel free to join us on Twitter & Telegram!


As we’ve mentioned earlier, we have launched Referral Program and Bot in our channel.

You can participate in it with the help of our bot (@sloton_nft_bot), which will allow you to get a place in our Whitelist for completing all quests/tasks.

Also we have created for you an opportunity to Win 1 NFT as a Gift.

💎 The number of prizes is unlimited!!!

👉 Visit our @sloton_nft_bot & complete tasks to get your place in our Whitelist 👈

Feel free to follow our Telegram channel & subscribe to our Twitter profile.

We update them regularly with the important updates & news about the Sloton project and TON blockchain. Please, stay tuned! 🔔

Alex : Thank you very much for all the participants! Thank you for your attention and such an interesting questions❤️❤️❤️

Roman : Thank you all. It was great ❤️

We appreciate your involvement as well. Thank you for a warm AMA 🙂

It’s really nice having the Sloton project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Sloton.

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