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On Saturday, February 27th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Vidigo17, Founder of Reborn Finance.

We asked him questions about the development of Reborn Finance.


Q~ Briefly introduce yourself to the Blockchain Space community ?

A~ I am a master student in computer science, I started my crypto journey in 2017 and I digged into the development part last year, I really like how decentralization try to provide a more democratic world this is why I started do develop, because I wanted to contribute to this revolution.

Q~ Tell us the background of REBORN FINANCE, and how the project came into existence ?

A~ As I said, I started programming blockchain last year and since that moment I wanted to create my token, after a lot of effort and different trials I end up with this token RBFI where I combined different features together in a way that I think is good for the community.

I developed it mainly by myself but some of my universities colleagues helped me a lot.

Q~ Passive stacking is one of the ways REBORN FINANCE reward it’s holders, can you tell us how this mechanism works?

A~ The mechanism is really simple, there is a 2% fee on each transaction, 1% goes to the token holders 1%, is burned forever.

Moreover RBFI is pegged to ethereum hence you can earn both by the RBFI fees and by ethereum going up in price.

Q~ This implies, Increase in the value of ETH automatically makes the value of $RBFI token increase ?

A~ Exactly if ethereum price 2x even RBFI price 2x!

Q~ REBORN FINANCE planned to release a second token aside $RBFI token, Tell us about the upcoming secondary token and how does it differ from $RBFI ?

A~ This is still in development, we had an idea that was a secondary token but we have still not decided how we will proceed, maybe there won’t be the need for a secondary token anyway we are working on a platform or something similar.

We want to let the community decide this because we think that it’s in the interest of everyone the healthy grow of the project.

Q~ How secured is REBORN FINANCE project for current and potential investors, How can you guarantee the safety of our funds ?

A~ The contract has been audited, there are no team tokens, there are advertisement tokens that are locked away for 30 and 90days and the remaining tokens are all on the presale contract (Safu investments).

Safu investments presales are secured and will lock liquidity (in case of RBFI for 265days) right after presale.

I’ve also renounce the ownership of the contract so I cannot modify anything!

You can find all the links necessary to verify this in the telegram group.


Q ~ Telegram user @Emmie971 : Can you tell us about the features of the secondary token you’re working on in the RBFI ecosystem? Would this token be interchangeable with NFTs in your game?Also, how would you ensure that your harness the full potentials of NFTs so they’ll not just be tokens of symbolic values?

A~ As I told you before we are not sure about building a secondary token, probably we will decide to built a platform (another contract without a token) that will be use for the game, we had this idea about creating a sort of RPG game where you can buy equipment (as NFT token) to upgrade your character and fight with other people to earn rewards.

Q ~ Telegram user @kimchien : What are the benefits and adoption that you really bring to the community? What is the motivation for the project development?

A~ We are aiming to provide a new way of investment, we want to gamify the financial world in this way we can attract a different target of users that were not interested in finance before, in this way there will be long term investors that earn their interest passively just keeping RBFI and people that want to spend money to make money and this is what the game is about.

The motivation are simply that we think defi will change the world because it allows everyone to be participant to the system! and we want to be part of the future world!

Q ~ Telegram user @Arisabela : Nowadays we’ve seen many anonymous projects created only to scam when they have gathered some funds, Reborn Finance doesn’t distribute tokens for team at all, so what is your experience on DeFi? What is the purpose of creating this project if you are not going to get profits?

A~ The purpose is to provide a fair tokens with no big holders and accessibility to everyone! We are going to use some of the eth raised to buyback the token right after launch in this way we will impact positively the price and we will obtain an amount of tokens, this is how we are going to earn. Furthermore part of the eth raised is used to heavily promote the project (till now we just advertise on telegram) and to continue the development.

Q ~ Telegram user @Krisnonagar : If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can not trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?

A~ I am providing all the necessary information that you need to verify everything that I’ve said, I know that I can’t convince everyone and I wont’ lie saying that you’ll become rich investing in my project because no one can tell the future! So I am trying to convince people showing proof of what I claim.

Q ~ Telegram user @kimchien : Demand — which is important for investors. How will demand of Your token increase in the future? What should you do to increase token demand?

A~ Demand is the main parameter that determine the price! since the token is deflationary there will be less circulation supply, moreover we want our community to be the one that decide so we are going to implement a governance system that allows people that holds to decide the future development of the project! We are also developing this game because the more transaction there will be the more earning for holders so it’s a win win for everyone.


It’s really nice having the Reborn Finance project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Reborn Finance.

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