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On Wednesday, January 19th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Adrien, The Marketing Lead and the Community Manager at PEEPS.

We asked him questions about the development of PEEPS.


Q~ Could you introduce yourself and the team background to our community first? And what makes your team ideal to make this project successful ?

A~ Sure! My name is Adrien, I am the Marketing Lead at Peeps and the Community Manager. I’ve been working in the crypto sphere for 3 years now, arriving from banking. First, I worked on the legal side of blockchain projects, which made me learn a lot, especially about one concept that I love very much and am very excited about: Web3!

Our team is very diverse, coming from all corners of Europe and Asia (and growing)

Actually, I will seize the moment to give them a big shoutout! They are amazing people, we are having a lot of fun building Peeps and meeting our community, I feel incredibly lucky and I am very happy to be part of this team 🙏

Recently, I told our CEO, Aaron, that I have never been part of such an effective team before. We’re doing amazing progress every single day, this is crazy.

A couple words about our CEO, Aaron, he has worked for a company that is a leader in social media listening. These are tools that are analyzing the big platforms we all know. He saw a need for changing the unfair set-up.

Why would the influencer (if even) receive all the money but not their community who helped the influencer to get where the influencer is?

Also, Aaron is in crypto for as long as almost 5 years now and has seen the ups and down markets, a great Network in the crypto world and a very good understanding of community building.

But that’s not all.

As some of you may know, we are mentored by Polygon!

We were very proud to meet the Polygon and Polygon Studios team, to discover that we had aligned vision on the future of the internet and social media.

Whether it’s our blockchain devs, our IT team, our legal team or our marketing team that I represent today, everything connected with these guys.

It gives us tremendous confidence, to have such a chance to partner with Polygon. Benefitting from the infrastructure and scalability of the best Ethereum L2 of the present day, endorsed by Vitalik Buterin himself, is really a major asset for Peeps.

Xiaolin : Great, you’ve got a solid team backing the PEEPS platform

Adrien : I could spend a whole AMA shouting out to them 😁 really awesome and incredibly talented people.

Q~ Can you tell us in brief about Peeps and its vision? And how do you plan to make a change in the Metaverse ?

A~ Nice question! So what is Peeps?

You can imagine Peeps as the first fair social platform, powered by its community. Why? Because on Peeps - everybody earns, not just the influencer. Part of what the influencer earns will go their followers and community!

Hence this statement: we are building the social platform where everybody wins.

On traditional social platforms, everybody fights for themselves, trying to get a deal with a big brands to give him/her money for sponsored content. The creators are incentivized to do advertisments. What about the content itself?! They should be rewarded for what they offer to their viewers and followers.

On Peeps, any content can become your income, because every content is going to be an NFT. That’s not all.

On Peeps, you can “bet” on the content of a creator’s channel, because you like and think it’s going to be successful. By doing so, you give it a push in social proof. And in return, you are rewarded by getting a percentage of generated revenues!

To sum it up: a channel can create revenue by NFT Royalties, secondary NFT sales (content like posts, videos, etc), paid premium subscriptions and other top features, will make a high income stream possible for the community.

The Metaverse aspect is interesting. We will be speaking about this a lot more, but generally speaking, your whole social world that you will have in your wallet → you can push it with one click into the Metaverse!

All your assets, clothings and merch for your avatar and similar.

Stay tuned for this 😉 We have an exciting start-up technology that we partnered up and will announce soon more. Believe me, it’s big!

Q~ What critical problem does solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage? According to crypto market capitalization aggregators, there are more than 11000 cryptocurrencies in existence today and many of them have no real utility. What main characteristics distinguish from other projects ?

A~ Oh, that a very, very good one!

Before being a “crypto project”, Peeps is an answer from the people & for the people to the centralized world and the corporations. Social media as we know them are managed by a small number of very big companies that are raking in profits, user data, and are governing their platforms with profits in mind.

The community is not heard. People have simply no other choice at the moment, than to use these unfair models, sharing personal data with greedy centralized corporations, getting no reward for their participation, having no say in the future of the platform.

With Peeps, we see an opportunity to change this, with the avent of Web3.

Peeps has undertaken the bold mission to solve ALL these injustices at once: to create a social media that is decentralized, fair, owned by the community, that redistributes earnings to its users, that is respectful of people’s anonymity and identity, and still permits to connect to the Metaverse.

What we consider to be our massive advantage is that we succeed in designing a model where everybody earns. We can incentivize creators to produce original content and followers to engage, endorse creators and interact with their content.

In the end, it’s about creating the right incentive, and we focused on that: aligning the incentives of people to both enjoy the platform (whether as Creator, Follower, or both at the same time) and be rewarded for it.

Q~ Can you briefly describe what is “Name Staking” we would like to know more about it & how it works? Could you provide us with some details ?

A~ NameStaking is the feature that we quickly described in the second question: the ability to “bid” on a channel and get rewarded when the channel is successful.

So, how does NameStaking work?

Imagine this: I follow a channel that has entertaining, interesting, educating content (fashion, gaming ,sports…) - let’s call this channel “Blockchain Space” 😜 - and I think that this content is going to be “the next trend”, a future hype.

I can “bet” (NameStaking) on that channel (concretely: I will stake tokens on the channel) and be eligible to receive part of what the Blockchain Space channel generates, in the Peeps native utility token ($PME).

This way, I benefit AND the Influencer as well. This mechanism will push Blockchain Space’s channel higher in Peeps’ internal rankings, giving it more visibility and potentially more new subscribers!

Hey, when we say “everybody wins”, that means Blockchain Space wins too 😁

Everybody can login to the platform with Metamask or another wallet.

Everybody can create (and own!) a decentralized channel and make every content posted as a NFT.

Every channel creates revenue and now, all the users are part of the Creators’ success, as they can be on their channel.

This is also what we mean by “everybody wins”.

Xiaolin : You don’t need a mail or phone number to login ?

Adrien : No you don’t, you don’t share any private data

You just connect with your wallet.

Q~ How important is the community to your project ?

A~ The community is the project.

The community is the heart and blood of Peeps.

There is no social platform without a strong community behind it. Peeps itself already means “PEOPLE” in English slang. We are building the best possible platform, so that the community will give it life, and earn from successes.

This is why these AMAs are so important to us and why we are so happy to have been invited by you guys!

Also why we are so active on the Discord server. We gathered there many fantastic people who want to see a change, exactly like we do, and I have no words that can describe how powerfully this is driving us. The reception is overwhelmingly positive and that’s just fantastic guys, I don’t even know how to share my feelings about it ☺️

We want to imply and reward the community as much as possible. You got it now: we are all about the community, there is no Peeps without its community.

For that reason, we are planning and designing many exciting things for people who join us and support us. And when I say “support us”, even a kind word means the world to us 🙏

Just a little preview: everybody who joins our project NOW will receive an early member ROLE. The purpose of these roles will be explained and announced very soon. I hope I made it clear that we are striving to give as much as we can to these people! The earlier people join and the higher the chance to benefit from it.

Of course, inviting your friends and other people, spreading the word, will also play a big role in this!

Can I share our Discord’s server link for people who want to be a part of it? 😊

Peeps Discord:


Q~ How do you plan to attract Influencers and Creators to Will there be any incentives or rewards for active contributors?

A~ Let’s be honest, I was really looking forward to such a question to tell you a bit more about something BIG!

Thanks to our team in Japan, we just secured our first partnership with a major influencer! It will be announced very soon, all I can say is: this influencer is a great fashion designer with incredible taste. Peeps will provide her with a synergy, an opportunity to transpose her creations into the metaverse, to be early on the future of internet, of design and self expression. With the help of NFTs, her followers will be able to own both the real version and the digital version of her unique fashion creations!

So why am I telling you all this? Because this is one of many use cases of the synergies that Peeps is offering to Influencers and Creators to attract them. We can’t even imagine all the possible synergies that we are about to create: with the combination of NFTs (and the marketplace), of an API for the metaverse, of the Polygon chain… It blows my mind.

Plus, being early on a successful platform is a great boost for popularity, right? 😁

Those are great reasons for Creators and Influencers to join Peeps. But remember: we want everybody to benefit. We are the platform where everybody wins and we stand by these words.

We are going to make it as easy as possible to earn on Peeps, even when you are just getting started. Even when you join the platform with just the intention to follow other people in mind.

We are confident that, when the word spread that everybody can make a revenue stream from being active on Peeps, our userbase will go exponential. Once again, this is how everybody wins!

Oh wow I had that much to say 😁 Does it show that I am excited?

Alright, on to the next one!

Q~ Why did PEEPS chose to utilize Polygon, given an array of other blockchain options like Ethereum,Solana,Polkadot,etc.?

A~ Frankly speaking, even before we were talking with them, when we were considering various blockchains (among which Solana by the way), we had Polygon in mind.

Have you already minted and flipped NFTs on the Polygon chain? That’s a very different experience than doing it on the Ethereum chain. And yet, you still are the massive Ethereum ecosystem.

It just works seamlessly, it’s fast and doesn’t have crazy gas fees at all. But I am talking from a user perspective here.

From a dev perspective, it’s been very well received from our dev team to learn that we will build on Polygon. As they say themselves “if you can code on Ethereum, you can code on Polygon!”.

I’m no dev myself but in chats with our blockchain developers team, they told me they were greatly satisfied.

And then there is the Polygon community and ecosystem. We discovered that a couple weeks ago when we were invited on Polygon’s Twitter Space for our very first AMA. We enjoyed it sooo much. The Polygon guys are awesome, they are supportive and helpful, we couldn’t dream of a better technical partner! Their community is incredibly awesome as well, we really had a great time.

So to answer the question, it was a choice driver by circumstances and synergy. We share the same vision as Polygon for the future of Web3 and we are very proud to become a landmark of the Polygon metaverse!

Oh no, now everybody will now how much I love Polygon 🙈

Well, I do!

Q~ Is your project a community only for English speaking countries or for users of other languages?

A~ We don’t want to stick to any language or even any geographic zone! Our team is quite young, international, all of us speak a few languages and I think none of us is a native English speaker. So we are very willing to create a borderless project.

On our Discord server, we were super happy to welcome people from all the continents. We made it a point to welcome them as if they were home and created languages channels at will. Now, this is common practice, of course. But I think its part of our DNA. We already have four versions of our website (English, Japanese, Russian, French) and aim for more very soon (German and Chinese for example).

We gathered people from Estonia, Germany, Japan, India, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, France, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Turkey, England, Canada, Russia… And all these people of various backgrounds are like a big family, a community. We care a lot about it.

Actually we had an internal training recently, about intercultural communication (Edward T. Hall, for social science nerds). It was very interesting!

So to answer your question: the project is not going to be “English-speaking intense”, though English is the language that allows us all to communicate right? If your native language is Spanish and you want to create content in Spanish, then you are very welcome to do so!

I can even imagine language learning channels 😁

And now everybody knows I’m a language geek 🧐

Q~ While going through your road map, I came across a new term - Initial NFT offering. Please can you explain how it works, where it would take place and how we can participate in it?

A~ An Initial NFT Offering is a way for people willing to get invested into a project to purchase exclusive NFTs as a way to fund the project. The NFTs are of course exclusive, collective, and give rights to rewards, royalties, etc. Some NFTs even grant governance rights!

On our side, I will just say “stay tuned” 😉

I am glad to see so many people interested in investing in Peeps! I can’t say too much for now, but there will be big announcements on the topic soon enough, on our Discord channel and our Telegram group! People who participate actively will of course get rewarded! 😊

You’re all invited!



As a reminder, the earlier you join, the better the ROLE you will be granted. We already started giving OG Peeps roles and trust me, we want to treat them like kings and queens! 🤴 👸

Q~ Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the utility of the token?

A~ We want the tokenomics to make perfect sense and to be aligned with our mission toward the community. So once again: stay tuned 😉

This is how early you are on our project (and congratulations for that, and thanks for attending this AMA!). But I can tell a bit more still:

We secured a pre-seed round of investing in order to start the development of the project, which is now well on its rails. This way, we didn’t condition the project to an ICO, as we are willing to build something solid and lasting.

Everyone joining our Discord Server now will receive an according ROLE, that will get benefits. This is what we can say for now. The earlier you join the better it is. Nothing more needs to be done at this moment, just joining the Discord and verifying.

The more active one is in the channel the higher the future reward!

And yes. We will very very soon announce how this exactly will work.

You will find the explanations in our Discord Channels. We await you there! 🤗


Wow, that was great to share all that with you all! I had a great time!

I’m gonna say it again: THANK YOU.

Thank you for everyone here who listened and asked so many interesting questions!

Thank you Xiaolin and all the Blockchain Space team, you are awesome, it’s been such a pleasure!

Thank you to our community that I love so much, it’s so nice to engage with them every day!

And finally thank you to everyone at Peeps, I can’t state how happy and lucky I am to be a part of this!

Don’t forget to join our Discord channel! Become an OG Peeps today!

It’s really nice having the PEEPS project in here!!!

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