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5 min readOct 22, 2022


On Friday, October 21st, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Some of the team members from Supremacy Games.

We asked them questions about the development of Original Stormtrooper.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, could you give a brief introduction of yourselves and the team behind Original Stormtrooper to our community firstly ?

A~ Supremacy Games is a Finnish games developer and publisher, founded in early 2020 by games, media and entertainment veterans. Supremacy Games has assembled an experienced team with a deep understanding of global brands and long background in games development.

Q~ Tell us about your NFT collection, to attract more users, what ideas did you highlight in the collection ?

A~ First of all this is an official authentic licensed collection of Original Stormtroopers. Using them as PFPs is just the first step as there is an Original Stormtrooper game coming next year. Also, and this is very exciting, there will be two additional character collections coming next year. They will not be similar Original Stormtroopers, but characters set in the same universe. Naturally owners of Original Stormtrooper NFTs will be the first to know.

Q~ It is understood that you teamed up with Shepperton Design Studios to bring the original Stormtrooper to Web3, tell us more about this partnership and what users stand to gain from it ?

A~ Shepperton Design Studios are the owner of the IP, as decided by the Supreme Court in 2011. With this partnership we are able to offer official and authentic Original Stormtrooper NFTs. Users of the NFTs can be assured that these are the real deal, genuine Original Stormtroopers are likely to be a valuable part of their collection.

Q~ According to your website, The NFTs would be deployed on October 27th. Any information you would like to share with our community regarding your upcoming event ?

A~ The collection will be on the Ethereum chain. The ordering window opens on October 27th, 2022, at 6AM GMT. Visit on the sale date to purchase and mint your own!

Xiaolin: Do you mind giving us a sneak peek into some of the collections or would only be revealed on mint day ?

Lasse :

Here’s one

Ashelyn :

Here are some of our favourites!

Currently across all of our socials, we’re showing off some of these awesome Stormtroopers before mint day! ☺️

Q~ Do you have a roadmap or long-term plan that you would like to share with us ?

A~ We will make a separate announcement of the roadmap within a day or two as it contains information about additional character collections set in the same universe as Original Stormtroopers. To sum it up, the original Stormtrooper collection is dropped next week, and the first playable of the game is in Q1/2023.


Q~ Can you tell us the price of your NFT ?

A~ The price will be officially announced in the next few hours but before that we can unofficially tell you it will be 0.1 ETH.

Off the record of course 👀 The Blockchain Spacers are the first to hear the price; we’re announcing it officially in about an hour 😜

Q~ What makes your NFTs stand out from previously released Star Wars digital collectibles ?

A~ Our NFTs can be held in your own wallet and can be sold in secondary marketplaces on the Ethereum chain.

Something that we would LOVE to emphasize is the fact that the end-user has COMPLETE control over the NFT. It is transferrable to other blockchains, has future utility in a game, and overall truly stands out from what has been done in the past.


Q~ Original Stormtrooper NFTs are available for primary purchase worldwide, with the exception of the United States. Why are these NFTs not available for purchase in the US continent. How will users living there gain access ?

A~ There’s an extremely interesting thread you can read here, detailing about the ongoing cases between Shepperton Design Studios and Lucasfilms from the early 2000s to the early ‘10s 🔥

Due to the difference in copyright laws from the UK to the US, and the lack of an official agreement being signed, it was ruled that Shepperton would hold global rights, excluding the USA, due to the US supreme court finding they had violated copyright laws, and the UK courts ruling the opposite.

Q~ How can users join this project. Is there a channel with the local community where users can get the latest updates ?

A~ We have presence in several social websites. I’ll list some links here:




Tiktok: @originalstormtroopernft

Instagram: @originalstormtroopernft

Q~ During primary sale, Genuine Stormtrooper NFTs are available as “blind” purchase. Then will every NFT have the same value and feature in the secondary market. Why can’t we see the NFTs we will receive during the primary sale ?

A~ In the secondary markets we expect the NFTs to have different values, based on the trait combinations, graphics and personal preferences etc. During the primary sale, Original Stormtrooper NFTs are offered as a “blind” purchase. All part of the fun, just like unwrapping a trading card or opening an action figure blind box!! Then, Original Stormtrooper NFT owners are able to make their NFTs available for sale on the secondary market where, once unblinded, yes, you’ll be able to “see” exactly what you’re purchasing.


We offer anyone that has suggestions to get our attention across our socials; We love our community and wish above all else to deliver a quality product that leaves everyone happy. We’re very active and are always looking to talk to our consumers, so show your allegiance below!



Twitter: @StormtrooperNFT

Tiktok: @originalstormtroopernft

Instagram: @originalstormtroopernft

Thank you for having us!

It’s really nice having the Original Stormtrooper project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Discord and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Original Stormtrooper.

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