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On Wednesday, March 16th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Gilbert, The COO at Ninance.

We asked him questions about the development of Ninance.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please give us a brief introduction of yourself and Ninance ?

A~ Hi, I’m Gilbert. I will share with you something about the Ninance NFT decentralized trading platform. Ninance is a project I’ve been cooperating with. I was involved in their earliest community builds. So I think I’m obligated to do some promotion for it.

Why am I optimistic about Ninance?

This has to say about the changes that are taking place in the NFT trading market. That is, the decentralization of NFT transactions. From OpenSea to LooksRare and X2Y2, the biggest change in the core underlying logic of its economy is to give value back to the terminal creator.

That is, every user’s high-value behavior on the chain will receive value feedback from the project party.

Ninance is the firm proponent of this position.

Q~ What are the core functions of Ninance decentralized ecosystem ?

A~ Ninance is a decentralized platform integrating NFT, DeFi, Swap, and Cross-chain bridges, including:

  1. Open NFT Exchange
  2. Ninance NFT
  3. Ninance-Swap
  4. NFT Staking
  5. Community DAO Governance System
  6. ERA Token Incentive System

Ninance is a comprehensive system platform with a complete ecosystem, supporting multiple public blockchains such as BSC and ETH.

It provides users with a multi-chain asset exchange platform. Users who hold specific NFTs can obtain community incentives, which will help the growth of platform community users.

Q~ As a DAO-governed NFT aggregation trading platform, what are the specific forms of Ninance’s DAO governance ?

A~ In the Ninance ecosystem, whether artists, industry experts, or ordinary users, are the constituents and builders of Ninance, consumers, and owners. Everyone has the right to participate in the development and governance of Ninance.

ERA does not have any undisclosed offering or fundraising. ERA is publicly circulated through Ninance-NFT’s asset pledge. It belongs entirely to the community.

Q~ Compared with other NFT trading platforms, what advantages does Ninance have ?

A~ From the idea stage, we plan to build a real DAO-governed trading platform relying on NFT, which will bring more benefits to users with new technical concepts and dissemination methods.

  1. Provide NFT creators with convenient and non-threshold NFT artwork creation, sales and exploration channels. Everyone can live out their artist dreams and gain their own fans in the Ninance community.
  2. Permanently store data by using IPFS technology. It realizes the decentralization of NFT asset ownership confirmation and storage, further reducing the risk of off-chain data being tampered with.
  3. Practice the DAO concept of the community, which is also a good start for Ninance platform governance.

Q~ Can you introduce the token economy that everyone is more concerned about ?

A~ ERA is a digital asset issued based on BSC. It is Ninance’s incentive Token, which is produced by participating in the N-ERA application. Token distribution is as follows:

Total: 8,760,000

Contract address: 0xa3a9d092f40d2642b1dbaceb5df6b0c7940f9ab4

98% - Mining pool staking rewards

1% - Ecological construction

0.5% - Platform contributors

0.5% - Future planning and risk reserve

We believe that Token’s economic cycle model is the most basic construction of an ecology.

DeFi rules are undoubtedly the key to ecological development.

Only when you enjoy the surprises of DeFi while creating and exploring art, will you be recognized by users.

Therefore, we designed an economic model of elastic supply, namely the inflation and deflation circular economy model, and gradually enabled it as needed.

In order to expand the user base, give external users sufficient motivation to become new users, and make existing users willing to contribute positive value to the platform, we designed an inflation model.

When the pledge (staking) weight value is less than 5000, the output of ERA Token will increase with the increase of users, which is the foundation for the solid operation of the project.

Based on the consideration of sharing the value of the platform, in order to allow the holders of ERA to enjoy the dividends brought by the growth of platform value and profit, we have designed a deflation model.

First, in the production phase, there is a mandatory limit of 5% reduction in production every 60 days. In the deflation stage, 80% of the ERA spent on the platform NFT casting (minting) and upgrading is directly destroyed, which greatly reduces the circulation of ERA.

The elastic supply of ERA brings flexible adjustment of supply and demand, which makes ERA have unlimited room for expectations.

ERA value growth model explanation video:

Q~ In your opinion, will NFT become a relatively independent industrial ecology in the future ?

A~ In my opinion, NFT will definitely become a relatively independent industrial ecology in the future.

There are not many real landing projects in the crypto world, except for Bitcoin, stablecoins and DeFi.

One of the directions in which the crypto world has the potential to achieve breakthroughs is NFT.

It can be seen from three aspects.

First of all, the attributes of NFT itself are very compatible with the encryption world.

There is an opportunity to achieve product and market fit by combining with applications.

Second, the overall development of GameFi provides the underlying foundation for it.

Third, the rise of NFT transactions also provides support for NFT breakthroughs.

2022 is a year of continued prosperity for NFT.

But most of the current NFT products are still transitional content.

The field needs a whole new platform that can truly change the future.

Therefore, Ninance came into being to help each unique thing get copyright registration, better reflect the value, and more convenient to realize.

Q~ How do users get benefits in Ninance ?

A~ Users can obtain benefits by purchasing NFT for staking at N-ERA and purchasing platform tokens.

After purchasing NFT on the Ninance trading platform, users can link their wallets on the N-ERA application interface for NFT staking.

Every pledge has a 15-day cycle. After expiration, you can choose to redeem or continue staking within 24 hours.

If there is no operation, it will automatically enter the next staking cycle. At present, the annualized income of pledge exceeds 1000%.

After purchasing NFT on the Ninance trading platform, users can link their wallets on the N-ERA application interface for NFT staking.

Every pledge has a 15-day cycle. After expiration, you can choose to redeem or continue staking within 24 hours.

If there is no operation, it will automatically enter the next staking cycle. At present, the annualized income of pledge exceeds 1000%.

Q~ Where can users get the latest news about Ninance ?

A~ Users can get the latest news of Ninance at the following official channels:








You can also join communities to interact with other users

Discord: https: //



Q~ Can you tell me a little about security please, have you done a platform audit. Are smart contracts error free, what are the test results?

A~ Our platform has passed the audit, don’t worry about any security issues. People who participated in the test were very satisfied.

Q~ Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular?

A~ We will cover our project through a lot of social media and we will work with more communities. Let more people pay attention to us.

Q~ Do you have audit certificates or are you working to audit your project to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?

A~ Of course, asset security is the first thing we need to consider. All 29 contracts on the Ninance platform have passed the international first-line contract audit. Here is the audit query link:

Q~ Please tell me, how can I buy your tokens right now and which wallet supports your token?

A~ 0xA3a9D092f40D2642B1dbaceb5Df6B0C7940f9ab4

Network : BSC

The Ninance platform for the token ERA has been launched, supporting all current official releases.

Q~ Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project. What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

A~ Ninance-Vote 1.0 introduced the Ninance identity system, a governance voting (Dao) system with Ninance-NFT as the identity, which means that as long as you hold Ninance-NFT, you can get the right to initiate or vote on proposals. All proposals and voting results can be viewed on the BSC network. In the Ninance ecosystem, Ninance-NFT is a right, an identity, and an ecological hope. All developments and construction on the Ninance ecosystem requires proposals and voting.


Thank you all, see you next time😀

It’s really nice having the Ninance project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Ninance.

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