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On Friday, December 10th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Freesia, The CPO and Int. PR Co-Ordinator at MiracleGame.

We asked her questions about the development of MiracleGame.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, could you introduce yourself and the team background to our community firstly ?

A~ Hello everyone, nice to e-meet you all! I’m Freesia who is CPO and Int. PR Co-Ordinator of Miracle project, I used to work in Traditional financial industry for years and now have involved in Blockchain industry since 2017.

Miracle Game, it is led by Montgomery Singman, the chief Game producer of Street Fighter series. If you are interested in games, you should know that Montgomery is a veteran leader in the game industry. He has been deeply engaged in the Game industry for 33 years. He has worked for top international game companies, such as Electronic Arts (EA), Sony, Capcom, Atari Games, serving as senior executives of the research and development team of each company. He is a super game producer with a high reputation in the game industry.

Xiaolin : Solid and experienced team 🙂

Freesia : Yes, on this time, Montgomery’s entry into chain game will blow up the chain game industry storm. The Miracle Game development team led by Montgomery far surpasses 99.9% of the teams in the current market in terms of game production experience, understanding of the game industry, and technical strength in the blockchain industry.

Q~ Could you please briefly introduce the game and how to play ?

A~ Miracle Game is the first simulation and turn-based strategy game on Miracle public chain with hero battle as the core gameplay. Unlike most simple mechanisms on the market, like putting money to upgrade and killing monsters, Miracle is inspired by classic games such as Hearthstone, giving users more space to play their skills in terms of gameplay.

Please watch this video. We have incorporated strategic gameplay such as element-inhibition, multi-hero pre-battle formation, automatic battle, etc. into the Miracle Game, instead of a simple “dumb upgrade”. This setting allows users to get a more immersive gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning that users can get token rewards regardless of victory or defeat in the battle. This mechanism allows all users to benefit from it.

Q~ Is Miracle Game’s token model stable? This is related to the profit of all players. Can you briefly talk about this ?

A~ It’s a great question, and I think it will be one of the major question that users and players interested in.

As a experienced team, we fully understand how important token model is.

Whether a game can succeed or not, mainly will depend on its economic model. Miracle Game’s economic model is modeled, calculated, and tested by a professional team, and finally a very stable and complete ecology is determined.

Miracle uses a dual-token model. The platform token MU will be the only governance token in Miracle metaverse, and MG will be the only token produced in the Miracle Game. Through this dual-token token model, all on-chain assets such as pets, heroes, equipment and even territories obtained by players in Miracle Game can be traded for real money.

In the future, with the continuous increase of applications on the public chain, there will be more MG-like sub-tokens. The more sub-tokens on the public chain and the higher the use value of MU. With the continuous development of the Miracle public chain, the value of MU will become more constant and irreplaceable.

Q~ Can you briefly describe the entire Play to Earn mode in the game ?

A~ Great question!

In the Miracle Game, users can log in to the official hero blind box page to purchase, or use MU/MG to purchase in the relevant hero blind box markets. However, users can also collect blind box fragments when participating in daily battles in the game. Once a certain number of blind box fragments are collected, they can synthesize a NFT blind box with them.

When users obtain the blind box, users can directly sell the NFT blind box on the markets and earn MG according to the change in market value, or directly open the blind box to obtain a certain amount of MG. If lucky, the user can possibly get the hero NFT, but it depends on the profitability. Then put the hero NFT on the markets and get a larger amount of MG. Just keep your dream, what if it comes to true?

Q~ What do you think is the advantage of Miracle Game compared to the same type of products in the chain game ?

A~ Well, we have concluded four main advantage of Miracle game.

Firstly, Miracle Game has a strong development team. The project is entirely led by Montgomery Singman, the chief producer of the Street Fighter series. It combines the unique comic style and classic strategy battle gameplay to make the underlying logic of the entire game more attractive and playable, empowered by a powerful team.

Secondly, currently most chain game products on the market have homogeneity problems. The gameplay and user experience of the game itself have been weakened. However, Miracle Game relies on user experience, and added element matching and pre-war formation to bring users a more immersive game experience, which is enough to kill most chain game products in seconds.

Thirdly, the background of the Miracle Game is beyond imagination. We will reveal it gradually. If you interested in us, please put your eye on our public information.

Finally, the Miracle Game has received high attention from many external institutions and exchanges. Currently, we’ve had a lot of investment from mysterious capitals, with strong financial strength.

Q~ What plans does Miracle Game have in the near future? Is it convenient for you to disclose some information to us in advance ?

A~ Well, our team is developing version 2.0, at the same time, we are also preparing for an NFT airdrop and IDO. In this airdrop, we will give out out-of-print hero cards. If you are interested in airdrops and IDO, please enter our official community in advance, discord:

Currently, Miracle Game is still in the early stage. If you enter the our community now, you will become the initial users of the project, I am sure you will enjoy priority in the official NFT airdrop and IDO!

Q~ How should interested users participate in the game and learn about project-related updates ?

A~ If you and your friends who are interested in the project, please participate in the game on the official website of the project directly. You can also follow our official social media platforms, we will update you with the latest news and announcements on time:

Official website:

Official Twitter:

Official Discord:


Q~ I realized that Miracle game used an Hybrid consensus that is a mix between (DPOS + PoTH), so this is a very interesting mix, can you tell us about the advantages that brings this feature?

A~ Can you please check our whitepaper on our official website, you can find your answer from there.

Q~ On what blockchain will MU (governance token) and MG (sub-token) be based on?

A~ In the initial stage, MU will be on BSC.

Q~ Can you please shed more light on your IDO, what requirements is needed to be eligible for the IDO ? And lastly, will MiracleGame support burning and buyback of tokens ?

A~ For more information about IDO and our ecosystem model, can you please keep checking on our official website and social media.

Q~ NFT is a hot topic right now, Do you have any plans to add NFT’s to your ecosystem? Do you have any NFT plans and its integration ahead in the roadmap 2021–22?

A~ Yes we will put our NFTs into our ecosystem, and for more NFT plan, we will release our the latest news on the website and social media, thank you for you attention.

Q~ Concerning the game, I would like to know if the characters (ie elves, terran) have the same value or are some higher that others in price and capabilities?

A~ They are different, but you can see all the price of NFTs from our marketing activities.


Thank you everyone for being here today and Thank you Xiaolin for hosting.

It’s really nice having the MiracleGame project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Discord and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to MiracleGame.

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