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On Friday, November 18th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Krishna Chaitanya, The Social Media Manager at Meta Apes.

We asked him questions about the development of Meta Apes.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, please give an introduction to Meta Apes ?

A~ Sure. Meta Apes is a free-to-play, win-to-earn MMO strategy game designed for mobile. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which humanity has come to an end and a new era ruled by Apes has begun. Next on the agenda is space domination, and each player will have to work closely with their gang to win the ultimate race to space.🚀

Meta Apes launched at the very end of May, and it is currently available on both Google Play & App Store. Additionally, it is the first gaming application to launch on the BNB Sidechain.🤩

If you’ve played any other games of this genre, you’ll be generally familiar with the core gameplay, which boils down to 4 key components - 1) building, 2) competition, 3) community & 4) exploration.

Q~ What are NFT fighters? Do players need them to play Meta Apes ?

A~ Let me start by saying that Meta Apes is a free-to-play game and there’s no entry fee and can be played without NFT fighters as well. Anyone can play by downloading it for free on their Android or iOS smartphone. This approach helped us build a strong community of ~400k players from around the world.💪

By holding NFT fighters, users generate SHELL tokens, the in-game currency. Using this, players can speed up their gaming progress. Furthermore, the NFT fighters come with additional skills & increased power that give them an edge over other players. Non-NFT fighters have 4 skills, whereas the NFT fighters get additional 1–3 skills.

On top of this, they also have some cosmetic effects, such as different backgrounds, lighting, halo & display of the user ID. Soon we will be introducing a fighter pairing system that you can benefit from if you have an NFT fighter.

You can trade Meta Apes NFT fighters on Also, there’s a blindbox event going on where you can trade new NFT fighters right from our marketplace.

A detailed guide on how to get an NFT fighter on

A detailed guide on how to get an NFT fighter on Meta Apes marketplace:

Q~ Please explain your tokenomics ?

A~ Sure. Meta Apes started with a two-token model. However, we recently put out a proposal to transform to a single-token model with PEEL being the only token and the community voted in favour of it.

PEEL is the governance & native gas token of Ape Chain (which is the name of our own chain on BNB Sidechain). The Meta Apes token economy is designed such that all of the revenue & value generated inside the game accrue to our governance token holders, even including the gas fees as we operate on our own chain. PEEL is used for NFT purchases/trades, performance-based rewards (i.e., rewards for top-performing gangs & players), select critical in-game activities (e.g, final upgrade of NFT fighters, etc.), gas fees, staking & in-game validators, and last but not least, governance & voting.

$PEEL IFO took place on PancakeSwap on August 4th, and we raised over 235.17% of our target. We also introduced a use case of PEEL where you can buy NFTs directly with PEEL on our marketplace.

Official contract address of $PEEL:

As we converted to the single-token model, players can now deposit PEEL into the game and use it for in-game purchases, with SHELL packages as a starter.

Let me also assert that SHELL will continue to be an important resource in-game and NFT fighters generate SHELL. Though the withdrawal SHELL is not possible anymore, players can deposit their on-chain SHELL into the game.

SHELL is used in a variety of ways in the game, such as upgrading buildings & NFT fighters, accelerating building & researching, as well as buying in-game resources (e.g., iron, food, etc.).

Q~ Can players earn PEEL ?

A~ In short, yes. Meta Apes is not just about “play-to-earn” or individual gameplay - you have to collaborate & strategize with the other players in your gang/clan and “win-to-earn”, which means actively battling against other players, completing quests, leveling up your fighters, taking over the launchpad, and more.

We will be introducing more events in the game that reward players that actively participate and engage, and perform well.

In the new server, Aries, we conducted in-game events that promote & showcase the win-to-earn feature of Meta Apes. The launchpad was already occupied and we started a new season. To the winning clans/gangs that occupied space cities and launchpad, we are distributing 1 Million PEEL in rewards.💰

Q~ What can we expect from Meta Apes in the near future ?

A~ We are focused on improving the gaming experience through the new server. We also recently launched the NFT fighter pairing system. We are focused on the win-to-earn feature of the game and we will be promoting it through various in-game events.

Over the course of the next few months, we plan to introduce a variety of in-game features that drive additional value for our players, such as NFT collectibles and PEEL staking. As always, we will be sure to communicate with our community constantly and keep you posted on all of the updates so stay tuned!


Q~ There are thousands of GameFi projects launched in the market today. What is your competitive edge. What makes Meta Apes different and better than the others ?

A~ Let me keep it simple. Because Meta Apes is Fun to play. 😁

It’s strategic, social, and filled with fun graphics and characters. We think there’s something for everyone in Meta Apes. If you’re a traditional web2 gamer, then you now have an opportunity to earn while playing a fun mobile game. Then if you’re a blockchain gamer who’s primarily looking to play to earn, well you can still do that but now with a much more interactive & entertaining gameplay.

In addition, Meta Apes also provides a community-oriented experience and social gameplay, including collaborating with your gang, which we think is something that appeals to both traditional and blockchain gamers alike.

Q~ In how many ways or what are the ways your project generate revenue. What is the revenue model. How it can be beneficial for both investors and for project itself ?

A~ Meta Apes has a unique and innovative business model that differentiates itself from the other Web3 games. In-app purchase of SHELL and NFT collection sales help us create real revenue for the community. In general, all of the revenue from the ecosystem will accrue to the PEEL DAO (to be launched), which will then decide how to use that revenue (e.g., burn/buyback PEEL).

To keep the inflation in check, we launched the $PEEL burn program. The first quarterly $PEEL burn was completed on August 29, in which 1,670,199 PEEL (50% of our quarterly revenue of ~$580k USD) were burnt. Later on October 20, PEEL holders voted to buy back and burn the unburnt quarterly revenue.🗳


Q~ I have a question about the NFT Fighters, will it be possible to earn without using the NFT Fighters. Can I battle against someone who has an NFT fighter when I don’t have one ?

A~ Thanks for this question. Yes, there’s a possibility to earn SHELLs in game. However, the amount of SHELLs generated by the NFT fighters is much higher. You can compete with them in the game but the NFT fighters will have addditional skills which will give them an edge over others. Furthermore, SHELLs, which are the in-game resources speeds up the gaming progress. I would say it’s a team where you have to collaborate with your gang/clan you play with collectively and that way you can win in the game.

Q~ Why does Meta Apes use blockchain technology. By using this technology, how will it help facilitate and drive the transfer of in-game assets across the evolving Meta Apes galaxy ?

A~ We are currently on BNB Sidechain, which is a new developer infrastructure that allows devs to build large-scale applications with much higher throughput and significantly reduced transaction fees. We decided to go this route because by having our own chain (Ape Chain), we are able to achieve much greater customization, higher performance and greater scalability, all with the sound architecture and security of the BNB chain.

Ultimately, this allows both the developers and the gamers to have a much better experience by helping avoid some of the common issues, such as network congestion, which leads to poor gaming experience. Making sure the players have the best experience possible is our #1 priority & something we’ll continue to work on to achieve long-term success as a community.

Furthermore, being on BNB Sidechain, opens many opportunities with other projects both in-terms of partnerships and on-chain activities. We are exploring this at the moment and will surely keep the community updated.

Q~ I noticed that an internet connection is required to play the Meta Apes game. So, users without internet can’t play MetaApes? Are you going to make an offline mod version ?

A~ This is an interesting question. Thanks!

Let me start by saying that the aim of Meta Apes is to bring people together and let them have fun. We have received some wonderful feedback where players made friends through Meta Apes. Internet is what made this possible. Meta Apes is a collaborative strategy game where players get to play along with their friends from anywhere in the world. Coming back to the offline version, it’s not in the roadmap. However, we will keep the community posted on all the updates.

Q~ On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before. And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future ?

A~ Meta Apes is audited by BEOSIN Blockchain Security. You can find the link to the audit at the bottom of our website. Check out the full audit here:

Let me also add that our team actively fixes any bugs in the shortest time possible to ensure safety and good gaming experience. If you have encoutered any, please open a ticket on our Discord.


Thanks for having us guys! Thoroughly enjoyed answering the questions. Try Meta Apes, surely you will enjoy it and make some friends in the community. Don’t forget to follow us on social media.



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It’s really nice having the Meta Apes project in here!!!

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