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On Wednesday, September 21st, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Austin, The Co-founder of Kasa Central.

We asked him questions about the development of Kasa Central.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, could you give a brief introduction of yourself and the team behind KASA Central to our community firstly ?

A~ Thank you too and your amazing community, My name is Austin Co-founder of Kasa Central and I base here in Manila and one of our team member, she’s based in Thailand and another based at Houston USA, and many workers around the world.

I have been in the crypto space as developer since 2017 and have been involved in some top crypto and none crypto projects, our team is well established in the space.

Q~ How does KASA Central work, what is it aiming to solve ?

A~ Thank you for the question, KASA is a multi-function & solution DeFi ecosystem, we aim to build a platform where investors and developers can find all tools, starting with a decentralized launchpad that will be cheaper for developers to launch their project also in more secured mode. We also aim to develop an NFT Marketplace on BSC to solve the issues of high gas fees in the NFT Market. The concept is developing all the high demand tools for startup projects and investors demands, we actually focus on sustainability protocols.

Xiaolin : So do you plan to launch other tools asides a Decentralized launchpad and an NFT Market place ?

Austin : We have many tools

⚙️ Decentralized Launchpad

⚙️ Decentralized NFT Marketplace

⚙️ Token Creation

⚙️ Vesting/locking LP or token

⚙️ High Profit APY Staking

⚙️ KASA DEX (Swap)

⚙️ KWallet App

⚙️ Play to earn

⚙️ Play to win Lottery

⚙️ KASA MultiChain Bridge

⚙️ KasaVerse (Metaverse realm reality VR)

⚙️ Developers tools

⚙️ Crypto newbies education studio docs

This is the list of our already launched and upcoming tools and utilities.

Q~ Do you have a native token, If so, can you explain its tokenomics ?

A~ Yes we have a native token $KASA and here is the contract address: 0x8106789b240E5e1b34643c052F1dc1B7a1A451A5

The tokenomics is well explained in our whitepaper docs, here is the link:

Q~ According to your website, The Presale is scheduled for September. Any information you would like to share with our community regarding your upcoming presale event ?

A~ Alright, yes we scheduled to start our presale this month September, this is because we wanted to finish our KasaSwap and Kasa Lottery before launching our presale, now the swap and lottery is live.

But today we have opened our private sale round to the public for early investors before our presale commences.

Private sale link:

These are already live

Developers can now create LP pairs and trade in our swap just like Pancakeswap.

Q~ What significant milestones has the team attained, can you unveil some of your most exciting plans for 2022 ?

A~ Nice question, like i said before, we have finished developing our swap and lottery.

And we are very excited about our staking pool that is coming next, which will give high APY returns to the investors;

  • Projects will be able to create staking pool on our website with our already developed contract which will have these functions:

Multiple reward streams per stake pool, stake once, earn multiple rewards

Tier systems (enforce minimum and maximum stake amounts per pool)

Bonus reward periods to encourage early staking

Time lock boosts - encourage stakers to lock their tokens for increased rewards

Top up, or increase block rewards for existing reward pools.

  • Our Play to earn and launchpad is scheduled to launch this year.


Q~ Success of a project also depends on how large the community is. Do you have plans to spread awareness to both crypto users and non crypto users in the world. Especially non-English speaking countries that may be restricted from accessing your project ?

A~ Yes we have very big marketing plans to spread our project around the world, such as upcoming AMA’s with top local and international communities. Here is the list of our line-up of successful influencers, partners and marketers.

Take a look at our list of marketing plans.

Q~ I saw that KASA has its own wallet with the name “KWallet”. So can you explain what is the difference between KWallet and other wallets like Metamask and Trustwallet. What are the best features of KWallet and how easy is it to use ?

A~ Our Kwallet will be exactly the same like trust wallet but with more security function to protect against hackers, and each transactions will require 2FA but we will make an easy to use wallet transact in NFT marketplace, and trading any cryptocurrency in an AMM will indicate to user when there is danger from the website and no automatic connection to any website until the owner approves.


Q~ My question is about the KASA lottery. Do i need to buy the tickets before I can participate in the lottery. If yes where can I buy please. How much does 1 cost ?

A~ Yes the lottery needs tickets, when our project is launched, the lottery rounds will begin, and each ticket cost $5 in KASA tokens, you can read more from our docs on how to play and how to buy tickets:

Q~ I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens. Is it already listed exchanges ?

A~ The issue of being scammed is why our project is going hard on security and transparency, our token is not yet on exchanges, you can buy now from pinksale with this link:

Q~ Can you explain about the private sale of $KASA tokens on Pinksale. Is KYC required to participate in the $KASA token private sale. And do we have to be whitelisted first to be able to participate in the private sale of $KASA tokens ?

A~ You do not need KYC to contribute in this private sale and we have opened the floor to the public to contribute as early investors, we don’t require whitelist anymore, here is the private sale link:


I’m very happy to join your amazing community and I hope to join you guys again in the near future.

KASA is happy to announce that our private sale round is now open to the public, First come first serve

Private Sale👇

We also have Huge $2500 giveaway contest: 👇


Join us👇

It’s really nice having the Kasa Central project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Kasa Central.

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