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On Wednesday, April 28th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Alex Borutskiy, The co-founder of the iMe app.

We asked him questions about the development of iMe.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Please start off by introducing yourselves to our community?

A~ Hello, I´m Alex Borutskiy, one of cofounders of iMe app. I´m 20 years in IT, in crypto since 2016.

I´m Ph.D. in economics. Ready to answer all the Q reg. iMe, iMe’s crypto wallet, DEX, DeFi etc.

I hope everyone here has already installed our great app, iMe and can easily use crypto right in messenger.

here’re links to download it

App store:

Google Play:

Q~ What is iMe all about in detail, what problems inspired you to create the iMe Smart Platform?

A~ iMe is a smart platform with the Telegram-based messenger, Crypto Wallet, and DeFi tools. It’s a multifunctional tool and people can use it to communicate and manage their finances. iMe includes DeFi, Uniswap crypto exchange, translator, neurobots, convenient messaging features and a user-friendly interface. Convenience became our inspiration. The market lacks such a many-sided tool that will be great and safe both for connecting people and enabling them to swap and transfer crypto in one app.The future is for multitasking.

Problem: it was hard to use crypto in messenger BEFORE iMe.

Plus you can enrich your chats with free neurobots and many other cool features of iMe messenger, including DeFi and DEX.

Q~ What are the main features of iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet, what exciting functionalities have you added to the iMe Smart Platform?

A~ iMe main features : Telegram-based messaging ecosystem, DeFi functionality (non-custodial crypto wallet and Uniswap🦄 crypto exchange, the fresh idea of neurobots in chats, built-in Google translate, functional Cloud, transcribing voice messages to text, etc. Besides, iMe offers all of the Telegram’s features together with native updates and settings. But just imagine, now you can use Uniswap right in your Telegram client, isn’t it exciting? And it is not the limit for our killer features.

Cassiterite : Do you plan to take iMe beyond Telegram platform ?

Victoria : We are already beyond Telegram in our set of functions, but we use the Telegram’s basis for the messaging environment, as it is one of the most popular and secure messengers in the world.

Alex Ego : We are beyond telegram in terms of functionality. Reg. other messengers, we are open for cooperation with other popular platforms with opened API.

Q~ Can you share with us the $LIME token’s utility and discuss its tokenomics?

A~ We’ve got a huge list of Lime token utilities. For example, users with Lime in their accounts will have a say in the development of the ecosystem, get access to some advanced features other users won’t be able to try. They will be able to try yield farming and earn tokens of our partners through smart contracts. Lime holders will have access to a simplified Airdrop system. Also there’ll be a Tier system. The more partners iMe has, the more privileges Lime token holders will get. We’ll announce all details of Lime token’s utilities later on our official channels.

LIME=(L)iberty of (iMe)

Telegram Lime:

Telegram iMe:

Join and our admins tell you more

Q~ What stage on the Roadmap is the project currently at, and what should we look forward to in the coming months?

A~ 11.2020 │ Integration of the Ethereum blockchain ✅

11.2020 │ Storage of the ETH ✅

12.2020 │ Buy ETH via Simplex ✅

01.2021 │ ETH transfers ✅

03.2021 │ Adding USDT ✅

04.2021 │ Uniswap integration ✅. <we are here!!!>

04.2021 │ Limescale release

04.2021 │ Exchange AiCoin →Lime

04.2021 │ To be Listed on Uniswap and 1INCH.

04.2021 │ Deposits with income in USDT

04.2021 │ Bitcoin Blockchain Integration

04.2021 │ Adding Bitcoin

05.2021 │ To be Listed on CEXs

05.2021 │ Adding Lime to Simplex


Q~ It has caught my attention that iME is available on Google Play and powered by Telegram. We know these are not decentralized platforms. Why have you chosen these two channels to disseminate your project? What are the advantages of using these platforms?

A~ De facto, all smartphones are android or iphone. That’s why we use their markets to distribute our app, iMe. Many things in the world are centralized. But there are many Decentralized. iMe use both systems.

All wallets inside of iMe are decentralized, we dont store anything.

Q~ Are you planning to have an IDO to raise funds? if yes can we get more details on that?

A~ Yes, we plan to have IDO the details will be announced soon, stay tuned for Limes.😉

Q~ I understand that iME has various DeFi functionalities such as sending and receiving crypto assets, buying cryptocurrencies and other things. But what are the fees that users have to cover when making a transition, deposit or withdrawal within their wallet? Are there high fees on your application?

A~ We do not take fees for storing, sending or exchanging crypto. You pay for gas to the Ethereum. And while making exchange you pay directly to LPs + comission of Uniswap. iMe doesn’t have comission.

Q~ Data safe and user privacy is sensitive issues especially for messaging platform. How does iMe provide this issues?

A~ Security is on the list of the top targets for iMe. We don’t have access to any users’ data including names, phone numbers, conversations, and do not store and transmit it anywhere. All this data is proceeded through Telegram servers. As for the iMe wallet, only a user’s device has access to keys and funds, thus users can control this data by themselves. The wallet enables a PIN code for password encryption. No servers are involved here.

Q~ I saw in your medium that you’re throwing rewards to five users who offer the best ideas for contributing and improving iMe, I find it attractive and at the same time impressed me the amount that you gave it to be 200.000 LIME, what is the current price of the tokens $LIME and what mechanisms you have to make your value increase as staking, burning, NFT, etc?

A~ The Lime token is not issued yet and all details regarding its price TBA. only 1 billion Lime tokens are to be issued, the supply is not big, besides the the circulation supply will be also not so big. There’ll be no burning. And Lime utilities listed above shows the great amout of advantages holders may get including yield farmin, Tier system and others. More and more opportunities for Lime token holders will appear with time and new partnesrhips made.

Q~ Does ETH and USDT the only two coins in the ime ecosystem curently ? do you plan to add more coins and which network you will focus in?

A~ Surely, we are not limited to having only ETH and USDT, and can integrate many more in our ecosystem. Also, we plan to integrate our partners’ tokens. All the tokens that will appear in iMe will be carefully selected for the sake of our users’ safety.

Q~ What does the iMe project bring to the community?

A~ Convenience while using crypto. Neurobots to enrich conversations in chats and much more. Download and try!

Q~ Is the iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet mobile app available for both Android and iOS? Currently there are no restrictions for some countries? Is it totally free?

A~ Yes, we have both Android and iOS versions available on App store:

Google Play:

There’re no restrictions for citizens of any countries to use the iMe app and it is TOTALLY FREE. download and use it. It’s simple as that!😊

Q~ Regarding the IME Messenger application, I read that it is compatible with the ETH chain, but I wonder, is it soon in your plans to join other chains? Is Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot or Uniswap in your plans?

A~ Yes. We have these plans.

Reg. Polkadot — no. Polkadot is not a blockchain)

Q~ iMe compatible with all mobile version?

A~ Android and iPhone.

Probably works on Harmony OS too.

Q~ Can buy and sell crypto through local bank ( credit card, debit card) in $LIME exchange? How can IME support trading?

A~ via iMe-Simplex integration. read more about Simplex.

Q~ How does Covid 19 affect teams, projects and development plans in 2021 and the future of #iMe?

A~ No detrimental affect was made to the iMe team and the app development and evolving. So everything’s ok and we continue reaching new milestones! Good things ahead!

Q~ iME is an application based on Telegram, but when I looked at its application in detail, I saw that it is very similar, only that iME contains a Wallet. My question is, in the future could they not have a legal problem due to the similarity between iME and telegram? or do they work totally legal?

A~ Telegram’s API is totally open, and using it is absolutely legal. Another thing that handling its code is a really hard task:) We are not competing with Telegram, we offer all its advantages plus DeFi tools. Also we’ve passed serious audit procedures to partner with Simplex to empower users with buying crypto by payment card. So we are 100% legal.

And also we are at the stores, having more than 1,4 million of installs, which means we have passed an audit too.


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It’s really nice having the iMe project in here!!!

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