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On Wednesday, November 30th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Omer C. Coban, The CEO at Heptagon.

We asked him questions about the development of Heptagon.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today, can you briefly tell us about Heptagon Metaverse ?

A~ Thank you, all of you.

Actually, Heptagon Metaverse is a sports themed Metaverse. We are creating a real Metaverse that users can connect their decentralised wallets to it and watch matches and play football, bowling, table tennis, Ice Hockey etc..

Also, they can customize their avatars and also can develop avatars they bought using Hepta. Actually all transactions will be made with Hepta. It is an ecosystem.

Q~ Tell us more on the exclusive features of the Hepatgon Metaverse ?

A~ Why Sports and Games ?

Sports as all we know is a huge industry. It’s volume is calculated to reach about 600B in the next years. In every corner of the world you can see people talk about sports and also they follow sports events…

It is the language of all. We want to be part of this huge economy by transporting this sector to Metaverse.

I have to add that Heptagon will be the Hub for sports gamers.

Game also is an amazing industry and it is calculated to reach about 200B in the next years. About 3B people are a part of this industry as gamers!

At Heptagon, we combine sports and sports games under the roof of the Metaverse.

As for features..

Very unique features users will find in Heptagon. Yes there will be an NFT market, Avatar market but not limited to that. There will be Stadiums, Arenas to watch events. We are using 360degree cameras to record events and we will broadcasts events live.

Also users will be able to watch the events as if they were in the stadium with VR glasses. But our platform also will compatible with computers and android and iOS devices. Thus, access to Heptagon will be possible wherever there is internet access.

In 2023, we have a target of 10K visitors and at least 3K transactions per day, and before the European Championship in 2024, we will host a virtual world championship for the first time in the world.

By the way, I would like to remind you that every transaction is to be done in Heptagon using Hepta. Participating in the championship/tournaments will be made with Hepta, rewards will be made with Hepta again. Thus, we will ensure that Hepta reaches a very high volume on its own platform, excluding crypto exchanges.

We believe this will add significant value to the Hepta token. Because it is a utility token. To be realistic Hepta has a mission that fan tokens cannot and will never do.

Hepta has the potential not only to be bought and stored, but also to be used and to gain value as it is used. On top of that, Heptagon will also be a use case for fan tokens, fan tokens can be used in Heptagon to watch matches, play games, swapping with Hepta. (HeptaSwap)

Thus, for the first time in the world, thanks to Hepta, we will give the utility feature to fan tokens.

Q~ When will your Metaverse platform be ready ?

A~ It has already started, let me explain.

Actually we’ve already started to build the Heptagon Metaverse Platform. We also published the first footages of the platform.

Platform developments continue as planned, new sections will be added next month, and we will start our first tests with our privileged members in Jan!🔥

In February, Heptagon Metaverse Beta version will be put into service. This means that the Hepta token will begin to be used and create volume on Heptagon even before it is listed.

This is important cause unless a token is used, it has trouble creating value. Even with only 3K daily transactions in Heptagon Metaverse, it is not difficult to predict what kind of value Hepta Token can generate after listing. We’re talking about millions of sports fans and gamers here!

Xiaolin : Do you mind sharing any of the footages here, let’s get a little sneak peak into the platform☺️

Omer : Sure,

Q~ Can you give us some insights into your ecosystem ?

A~ Yes, it is the most important thing

Actually there are 2 Paradigms in here

  • Heptagon project is not a project that focuses just on token sales but usage of token.
  • While creating a unique platform for Hepta token usage, Heptagon also aims to create a user-oriented community for gaining users.

Heptagon Metaverse has built its entire system on a certain token. It is Hepta🔥

And Hepta token has been generated on the BSC network with a total fixed supply of 360 million. However, token revenues are not the main revenue item of the Heptagon Metaverse platform.

Hepta is the main unit of the Heptagon metaverse.

Platform revenues are based on Hepta usage, not Hepta sales. More importantly, the Heptagon team’s priority is not the token sale, but the building of the Heptagon Metaverse. Therefore, platform construction has started before the token sales. Even if you have built the best platform in the world, you will see that this platform is useless without users.

That’s why, as Heptagon team, we started the token sale processes to bring users to Heptagon Metaverse, to create a community and also to offer an opportunity to investors who want to benefit from this ecosystem.

The most basic motive here is to gain and gather the users.

We already have a community larger than 10K and growing every day. We are taking firm steps forward to reach the target of 10K visitors per day in 2023.

In 2023 10K, 2024 90K, 2025 200K, 2026 350K, 2027 500K users we projected. We are building Heptagon’s infrastructure to make this volume possible🔥

Q~ Do you have any targets for the Hepta Token ?

A~ At first as I said that the Hepta token is a usable, core processing unit of the Heptagon Metaverse platform and a token with game-changing potential.

Our primary goal is to gain users, as I have just written.

We believe that the fact that a token is traded on its own platform with thousands of users every day will add significant value to it.

We are talking about a token that will never increase in number and will be traded with a fixed supply after burns🔥…

We are in contact with the whole sports world, we will announce our new partnerships soon.

We are ready to be partners with every sport related club in the Metaverse, it is not just about soccer, we have experience recording and broadcasting every event from Tennis, F1 to basketball with 360degree cameras.

All these possibilities will add value to Hepta token.


Q~ I saw on twitter, Heptagon “Sports Store’’. What is being sold there and can you only buy from there using your token ?

A~ Actually there is a sports store, and you can watch the first footage of this store section on our social media accounts. There will be sports gears and sports wears, from balls to official team jerseys to sports gears.. But not just that, we also provide users NFT of the item they bought. They can buy anything in the store using hepta and also we will send them limited NFT’s of the products they bought.

Q~ I saw on the website that there is a countdown for the ICO second phase event. Before I’m too late, can you just tell us the requirements to take part in the Hepta ICO, is there a min/max purchase at the ICO event ?

A~ Good question

Hepta token is in its 2nd ICO phase and today is the last day!

There will be no ICO phases further, only very limited community sales will be in the next step, but after that users will be able to buy it on launchpads and IEO’s.

As of today, ICO public sales will be over. Today is the last day for the ICO🔥


Q~ What are those things that we should hope to see on Heptagon (World largest stadium) ?

A~ At first we’re creating our Metaverse stadiums and Arenas. Not just soccer, from Football🏈 to Basketball🏀 to Tennis🎾 all events you will find there and you will able to watch events with your VR glasses or directly from your computer. And I am a fan of SUMO, as you know it such a great traditional sport. We want to be in partnership for Sumo broadcasts.

Q~ Do you have a burning mechanism for your token. What are the advantages of holding Hepta token ?

A~ In general, token burning will have a positive effect on the price if the tokens are bought directly from the market.

We have limited/fixed Hepta supply. Total supply of Hepta is 360M and all the unsold tokens in ICO processes will be burned according to marketing plan.

It means that after the sales process there will be very limited Hepta on the markets.

But in addition to that, we have a staking program, users will be able to stake and earn stake income. That’s also will have a. positive effect on the token price! And last thing I have to say, fixed supply, many use cases, many users.

Q~ Where can I currently buy Hepta token. Is it a cross chain token ?

A~ As said earlier, today is the last day for Hepta ICO, users can register on and buy Hepta with 10% Bonus.


We’re building a Real Metaverse in a super niche! What we need first is users! So we’re waiting for all of you. Stay with Hepta🔥

Thank you and your team for your hospitality.

It’s really nice having the Heptagon project in here!!!

You can check out their Website for more details. You can also follow them on Telegram and Twitter to keep up to date with all things relating to Heptagon.

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