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10 min readOct 30, 2021


On Thursday, October 28th, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Kai, The Communication & Ethics Strategist at Anmol Network, and

Phaedra, The CMO at Anmol Network.

We asked them questions about the development of Anmol Network.


Q~ Thanks for joining us today. Firstly, could you please introduce yourselves ?


Kai : Absolutely! My name is Kai, I am the Communication & Ethics Strategist at I handle all the writing efforts for this project, as well as lead any ethical discussions taking place, ensuring we are helping this industry flourish in as many ways as possible.

I am a Law & Philosophy graduate who has worked exclusively in this industry for the past four years. I have worked with several blockchain projects such as Nodle, The NEAR Protocol, and OSOM.

Phaedra : Here also is Phaedra, the CMO at Anmol.Network. I have a multifaceted background ranging from the entertainment industry, held corporate executive roles, and coordinated government campaigns. I have produced TEDx events, and I was an organizer of the COVID 19 Global Hackathon.

Anmol is the second blockchain project I have been involved with, the first was DLN, and I am very grateful to have come on board and have the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful contribution to blockchain!

Q~ What is Anmol ?

A~ Anmol is a chain-agnostic NFT toolkit and blockchain. Our toolkit gives people the ability to create, manage, and maintain NFTs with ease. We are opening up the NFT world to end-users, which in turn expands the industry. People can mint NFTs, build templates for NFTs (called Moulds), sell NFTs, lease templates, fractionalize NFTs, and so much more.

With this in mind, we will be onboarding newcomers to the industry through our cloud wallet integration, allowing people to connect to the blockchain via Google, Discord, and Facebook; whilst providing an on-platform KYC and crypto on-ramp solutions. This is a huge step for blockchain adoption, as many times, using crypto wallets can be off-putting for the average consumer.

As the world swiftly moves further towards metaverse-style realities, and as more people are living their lives behind a screen, we believe NFTs are a revolutionary and necessary tool. When online, it is hard to distinguish yourself, and stand out from the crowd. Feeling unique often becomes an impossibility. But NFTs significantly change this, as they allow people to feel different, as no two NFTs are ever truly the same. They add a dimension of uniqueness to the equation, which is something missing from regular online activity.

As Anmol is a chain-agnostic project, this means we can connect to any number of blockchains, from any number of technological backgrounds, such as how we are connecting directly with Polygon. We are also able to connect with niche chains such as Theta, Flow, Wax, and Tezos, some of which focus explicitly on NFTs. We have designed Anmol to be as interoperable as possible, giving people the ability to share, distribute, and lease their assets across multiple ecosystems, and therefore reach larger audiences.

Q~ What Does Anmol Bring to the NFT Industry ?

A~ Anmol is empowering creatives to build and maintain unique NFT projects, giving them a full suite of features and tools, enabling them to bring their ideas to life. The NFT industry is perhaps the most exciting part of the blockchain landscape, as it is truly bringing about a new wave of art. However, there is a problem: most people lose interest in NFTs once they learn how tough it is to create gamified and unique NFTs themselves.

There are countless projects out there allowing people to turn a static image or a gif into an NFT, but most artists want more than that. They want to create varied and creative environments, where their NFTs can interact with one another, whilst still showing the creator’s artistic flair.

This is what Anmol offers people. We are on a mission to make the creation of complex NFTs an extremely easy and intuitive process, fueling creativity. We understand that most artists are not programmers, and many will not have the first idea about how to enter the NFT space. Obviously, this disengages them, but we aim to solve that with our easy-to-use NFT toolkit. Not only is Anmol being built to have practically no learning curve, but we are also providing cloud fiat gateway options, through services such as Google, Facebook, and Discord wallets. People are able to connect directly with us via these options, acting as fantastic on-ramp tools. These will run alongside standard crypto wallets such as PolkadotJS (and later Meta-Mask).

Q~ Does Anmol have a signature feature ?

A~ Absolutely! Anmol is extremely feature-rich, but we believe our most sought-after feature is our simple drag-and-drop NFT template builder (which we call our Mould Builder). Not only does Anmol give people the tools for creating individual NFTs, but we are also giving users the ability to create templates for their own NFTs, which streamlines the creation process. Templates (or Moulds) are used to help speed through crafting a collection of NFTs, all being built with a similar style and flair, reflective of the artist’s ideas.

Xiaolin : I’ll love to try out the Mould Builder.

Kai : Our Mould builder is going to be fantastic! I’m sure you’ll love it ☺️

Xiaolin : Is it available or still in development phase?

Kai : It’s unfortunately not out just yet, but we’re working tirelessly on it as we speak.

Q~ How does Anmol Integrate into the Wider Blockchain Community ?

A~ For starters, we want to be the first port of call for anybody who wants to get involved in the NFT industry. We are doing this by lowering the technical barrier of entry for NFTs, as well as helping educate the masses on blockchain literacy, teaching them how blockchain tech can help enrich their lives.

Zooming in on Anmol’s toolkit, we are also giving people the ability to create and maintain their own community-based DAOs. These are interactive spaces that can be focused on any number of of topics. These are autonomous mini-environments run by the people involved. Essentially, we believe people work best when they collaborate and share ideas, and so we want to build a system where they can do so. DAO members can even monetize their communities by minting and distributing their own NFTs (and even tokens) via Anmol’s toolkit. DAO communities help bring our ecosystem to life!

Q~ What Incentive is there for people to use Anmol ?

A~ There are a multitude of ways people can earn money with Anmol. For instance, users are able to sell and lease their NFTs on our marketplace, named Anmol Bazaar. Users can fractionalize their NFTs, enabling them to only sell portions of their NFTs, and distribute ownership to various people.

Included within Anmol’s toolkit is the capability to make NFT templates/Moulds. People can sell or lease these Moulds as well, as they are also NFTs! If somebody is leasing them, it means they are allowing other people to create NFTs from their template, with those people paying for the ability to do so. This is a great way for users to help others to build their environments.

People can additionally mint their own tokens designed specifically for their own DAO communities, running inside the wider Anmol ecosystem. This is a great way of incentivising people to expand Anmol’s network, as it lets them take advantage of our tools and capabilities, offering a framework for sustaining their own decentralized societies. Community is one of the most beautiful aspects of the human experience, and so we want to help users take part and form bonds with as many people as possible.

Cassiterite : There are lot of ways to earn greatly through this.

Kai : Yeah we’re trying to give creatives as many options as possible. Variety is a core principle of Anmol.

Q~ How do you plan to onboard people to Anmol ?

A~ We are working hard to appeal both to tech-savvy individuals (such as those paying attention to this AMA), and people who feel daunted by the blockchain industry as a whole. One way we are doing this is by offering a plethora of different wallet options. For blockchain illiterate people who want to get involved in NFTs, we are opening cloud gateways such as Google, Facebook, Discord, etc. wallets, that let people use fiat options such as credit/debit cards to interact with Anmol’s blockchain + toolkit! These cloud options are provided by third parties, meaning they handle KYC efforts rather than us, making the process simpler and faster for all involved.

Of course, for those already ingrained within crypto and blockchain, we will have PolkadotJS (and later Meta-Mask) wallets ready for access.


Q~ Can you tell us more about your partnership with Dariwinia Network, what’s the focus and what do you hope to achieve from this collaboration?

A~ Absolutely! We have partnered with Darwinia to engage with their bridging capabilities, as well as to launch a blockchain literacy campaign. Essentially, we are trying to educate people on how blockchain technology can achieve worldwide flourishing (also known as eudemonia). We are launching this campaign to enrich people’s lives, and make people feel more comfortable within this highly technological world! As the Ethics Strategist, this blockchain literacy campaign is close to my heart, as I think it is our duty to help others out.

Q~ How important is the community to you and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

A~ Community is highly important to us. The internet has been in a weird state recently, with large corporations creating platforms for people to congregate, only for those corporations to essentially use and siphon people’s data without (much) warning.

This is not how the internet is meant to be. People no longer feel free to communicate online, because they know their data is being used against their will. We want to change that by creating DAO communities which are fully autonomous and disconnected from any centralized body. We want to give people the freedom they so rightly deserve. Community is not only important to us, it is necessary for human happiness. Without connecting to others, we feel lost in the world. We want Anmol to feel like home. We want people to feel comfortable when they congregate within our ecosystem.

Q~ Speaking of the Consumable Morphing type I understand that the NFTs are morphed together to create a new combined one from the original ones that are consumed, does this mean that this is a combination of 2 or more NFTs? How many NFTs can be extracted from one of these transformations? For what purpose?

A~ When using the consumable method, when two NFTs are combined to create a new one, those original two would get destroyed/burned, leaving behind one new one to rise from the ashes. This process can only be done once, as the original NFTs would be destroyed afterwards.

One reason this could be utilized is to create a level of scarcity within somebody’s collection. An artist may have made 100 NFTs in a collection, but may want to slowly drop those numbers, which is what consumable morphing could do, all while raising the value of them with each morphing. It adds some variety, flair, and randomness to the project.

Q~ BSC is really in trending now because it has low gas fee and high transaction speed. Have you any plan to move on BSC?

A~ We are actually building Anmol to be compatible with BSC, along with Ethereum and other Ethereum-based blockchains. BSC is great for traders and people who do not have a lot of money or time on their hands, and so we do support integration with it. If only BSC was truly decentralized, then it might actually be an Ethereum killer! 😉

Q~ With Anmol Network, what is the main vision and goal of the project? Why are you really trying to become successful in this highly competitive Blockchain space?

A~ Great question! Our vision is to create something truly interoperable and connective. We want to bring all blockchains together and create powerful and robust bridges that help people interact with one-another in a free and comfortable environment. Right now, the blockchain industry is in this weird state where communities constantly fight with each other people they feel this tribalistic need for “their project” to come out on top. This is the wrong way of thinking about things. There is room at the top for many projects. We want people to form global and highly connective communities, where we all help one another. I wrote about this concept of crypto tribalism myself here :


Thank you for all your questions!! We loved answering them.

Come join us over at Telegram & Twitter! And make sure to check our website out here! We’ve got a lot of exciting news coming out very soon, you won’t want to miss it 😉

And thank you to our hosts, and to our audience. You’ve built a really impressive community here.

It’s really nice having the Anmol Network project in here!!!

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